3 Fast RC Cars To Buy

3 Fast RC Cars To Buy

If you are planning to buy a great RC car most of the time you will be looking at quality and speed. Can you get a nice toy, that will last you a long time and not brake? Yes you can! Everyday more and more of the new rc trucks and cars are released and they are always better than previous versions of the same models, but are there cars that can go fast and not brake? We have found a few ideas for you to get closer look at:


JLB Racing 21101 off-road RC racing truck is an exceptional RC vehicle armed with the powerful 3670 2500KV brushless motor and HOBBYWING 120A brushless ESC, allowing it to reach the highest speed of 65 Mph without any difficulty. The enormous truck has a strong wheelie bar that makes it easy to raise the front part of the RC vehicle while keeping in balance. The FLYSKY FS - GT2E effectively guarantees the control range of 100 - 180m.
Each part of the JLB Racing 21101 RC truck proves it competent in running on the uneven roads, including the aluminum alloy chassis, oil-filled shock absorber, strong shock tower and so on. Check it here

DHK HOBBY 8384 is so appealing and powerful that it is capable of carrying out the 360-degree rotation like that in skateboarding, performing wheelie when advancing, and driving on the muddy roads! Your competitors are sure to be astonished at its outstanding skills! You can read more 

The other, cheapest option which will give you a great speed and stability is:Supersonic Monster 9115. Take a closer look at this monster. With the speed of 30 Pmh it can also climb the rocks and drive almost on any surface! 

Supersonic explorer monster remote control car model.
Protection: With charge voltage protection, low power protection, overheating protection. Equipments of small parts: Adopt bearing, mental transmission shaft and cup.2.4G transmitter: Support over 8 cars to compete at the same field.
Powerful: 9115 has almost all the features you need in off- road car.

See the video here