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Amazing Remote Control Truck 65 Mph | Rc Cars Store

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Every month more and more companies release new remote controlled toys to surprise the kids, but not all of the toys can be kids friendly. The remote control truck we are going to show you next is created for adults. It is rated 14 + and goes as fast as 65 Mph. There are many fans and collectors who will appreciate this toy! JLB Racing 21101 off-road RC racing truck is an exceptional RC vehicle armed with the powerful 3670 2500KV brushless motor and HOBBYWING 120A brushless ESC, allowing it to reach the highest speed of 65 Mph without any difficulty. The enormous truck has a strong wheelie bar that makes it easy to raise the front part of the RC vehicle while keeping in balance. The FLYSKY FS - GT2E effectively guarantees the control range of 100 - 180m.
Each part of the JLB Racing 21101 RC truck proves it competent in running on the uneven roads, including the aluminum alloy chassis, oil-filled shock absorber, strong shock tower and so on. Buy it here

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