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RC Tracks Near San Diego

RC Tracks Near San Diego

San Diego is not just known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather; it also offers a vibrant community for remote control (RC) car enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a curious beginner, the city has several RC race tracks that cater to different styles and skill levels. Here’s a guide to some of the best RC race tracks in San Diego, complete with addresses and website links for more information.

1. SDRC Raceway

Address: 8575 Production Ave, San Diego, CA 92121
Website: Facebook

SDRC Raceway is one of the premier indoor RC racing facilities in San Diego. Known for its well-maintained tracks and competitive environment, SDRC offers both on-road and off-road racing. The indoor track is climate-controlled, making it an ideal spot for year-round racing. SDRC Raceway also hosts regular racing events and has a fully stocked hobby shop on-site.

2. RC Insiders Raceway

Address: 2710 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
Website: RC Insiders Raceway

Located in Pacific Beach, RC Insiders Raceway is a favorite among local RC car enthusiasts. This outdoor track offers a challenging layout with various jumps and turns, catering to both beginners and advanced racers. The facility also provides rental cars for those who are new to the hobby and want to give it a try without making a big investment.

3. Chula Vista RC Track

Address: 1475 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91911
Website: Chula Vista RC Track

Situated just south of San Diego in Chula Vista, this RC track is well-regarded for its friendly community and well-designed off-road course. The Chula Vista RC Track is perfect for those looking to experience some serious off-road action with their RC cars. The track is open to the public, and they also organize regular competitions and events to keep the racing spirit alive.

4. The Compound RC Raceway

Address: 5555 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123
Website: Facebook

The Compound RC Raceway is an indoor facility known for its diverse and technical track designs. It caters to various RC racing styles, including off-road, on-road, and drag racing. The raceway offers both practice sessions and competitive racing events, making it a versatile spot for all levels of racers. Additionally, The Compound has a hobby shop and provides repair services for RC cars.

5. El Cajon Hobbies Raceway

Address: 160 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020
Website: El Cajon Hobbies

El Cajon Hobbies Raceway is a well-established track located in the heart of El Cajon. This outdoor track features a variety of terrains and is suitable for off-road RC cars. The raceway is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and supportive community. El Cajon Hobbies also offers a wide range of RC cars, parts, and accessories in their on-site hobby shop.

6. Miramar RC Flyers Club

Address: 9400-9444 Candida St, San Diego, CA 92126
Website: Facebook

While primarily known for its RC airplane facilities, Miramar RC Flyers Club also has a dedicated area for RC car racing. This club-operated track is great for enthusiasts who enjoy a mix of aerial and ground RC activities. Membership is required to use the facilities, which ensures a well-maintained and exclusive racing environment.