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This May We Run A Special Spring Promotion! 15% Off All Item In The Store. The Discount Will Be Calculated At Checkout!
RC Trucks With LED Light Remote Control Hight Speed Buggy 16104PRO
RC Trucks With LED Light Remote Control Hight Speed Buggy 16104PRO
RC Trucks With LED Light Remote Control Hight Speed Buggy 16104PRO
RC Trucks With LED Light Remote Control Hight Speed Buggy 16104PRO

RC Brushless Off-Road Truck Remote Control Hight Speed 16104 PRO

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The SCY-16104 RC Car is a high-performance remote-control vehicle designed for thrilling speed and exciting racing experiences. Its sturdy construction features a combination of nylon and ABS composite plastic for enhanced durability and impact resistance. Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, this car can achieve incredible speeds, reaching up to 45 Mph, delivering an adrenaline-pumping racing experience.



The car is powered by a reliable 7.4V 1300mAH lithium-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting playtime. With its T plug design, the battery provides a secure and efficient connection. The charging time for the battery is approximately 180-210 minutes, allowing you to quickly get back on the track.

The included remote control offers precise control over the car's movements with a range of up to 80 meters. It allows you to navigate tight corners, perform impressive stunts, and race with friends for an exhilarating competition.



The SCY-16104 RC Car is available in vibrant yellow color, adding a visually striking element to your racing adventures. Its compact size, measuring 33.5 cm in length, 20.5 cm in width, and 16.5 cm in height, makes it agile and easy to maneuver on various terrains.

Packaged in a color box, the RC car weighs approximately 1.75 kg, including the packaging. The box itself measures 34.8 cm in length, 21.6 cm in width, and 20.3 cm in height, providing a convenient storage and transportation solution.



  1. Realistic Control Experience: With its simulation structure design, our car offers the same control feeling as a real car. Experience the thrill of full-scale continuously variable transmission, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversing, left turns, and right turns.

  2. Versatile Terrain Compatibility: Take your off-road adventures to the next level! Our car is suitable for various terrains including flat ground, sandy ground, muddy ground, and grassland. No terrain is off-limits!

  3. Four-Wheel Drive Performance: Enjoy superior stability and handling with our four-wheel drive system. The front and rear upright spring shock absorption combined with the double wishbone independent suspension system ensures a smooth and responsive ride.

  4. Advanced Remote Control System: Equipped with a 2.4G full-scale synchronous remote control system, our car provides precise throttle and steering control. Experience seamless and responsive maneuverability.

  5. Splash-Proof ESC/Receiver: Our car features a 2.4G splash-proof four-way 30A integrated ESC/receiver, ensuring reliable performance even in wet conditions.

  6. High-Quality Components: The front wheel cross ball joint drive shaft and rear wheel split dog bone drive shaft deliver enhanced durability and efficiency. The five-wire 17G steering gear ensures precise steering control.

  7. Powerful Battery: Experience extended playtime with our super battery power. The car comes with a 7.4V, 18650-1300mAh Li-ion battery (T plug) with a discharge rate of 10C.

  8. Enhanced Performance: To maximize performance, the car is equipped with 16 ball bearings, a metal second floor, metal front and rear arm yards, and a metal middle drive shaft. These high-quality components ensure durability and optimal performance.

  9. Durable and Stylish Car Shell: The car shell is made of high-toughness explosion-proof PVC, providing excellent protection. It also features LED headlights and LED roof lights with three modes: constant light, slow flash, and fast flash, adding a stylish touch to your off-road adventures.

  10. Strong Grip Off-Road Tires: Conquer any terrain with ease! Our car is equipped with simulated off-road tires that offer exceptional grip and traction.

Package content: 1. RC vehicle; 2. Remote control; 3. Product manual in English; 4. Lithium battery; 5. USB charger; 6. DIY stickers for double side doors; Metal latch; 9. Small Phillips screwdriver



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