Big Summer Sale! 15% Off Everything! The Discount Will Be Applied At Checkout!
Big Summer Sale! 15% Off Everything! The Discount Will Be Applied At Checkout!
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18
RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 18

RC Gas Powered Racing Car VRX RH903 Nitro FC 80 CC Fuel Tank

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 Experience the convenience of a ready-to-go model powered by a potent nitro engine, eliminating the need for extensive assembly and allowing you to hit the track swiftly.

The model's wheelbase of 325mm provides optimal balance and stability, contributing to a smooth and controlled driving experience.


  • Remote Distance: 100M

With a remote distance of 100 meters, you can enjoy commanding your vehicle from a considerable distance, adding flexibility to your racing endeavors.

  • Scale: 1:10

Built to a 1:10 scale, our model strikes the perfect balance between size and performance, ensuring an immersive and realistic racing experience.

  • Model Number: RH903

Identified by the model number RH903, our vehicle is part of a distinguished line of high-quality racing cars.

In addition to its remarkable features, our model is equipped with the following specifications, ensuring a comprehensive and high-performance racing experience:

  • Throttle Servo: 3kg/cm
  • Steering Servo: 3kg/cm
  • Wheelbase: 325mm

These powerful servos contribute to precise control and responsiveness, enhancing the overall handling of the vehicle.

  • Power: Nitro
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
  • Design: Cars

With a focus on cars, our model is meticulously designed for optimal performance and aesthetics, catering to enthusiasts and racers alike.

  • Control Channels: 2 Channels

The 2-channel control system provides a straightforward and efficient means of operating the vehicle, allowing for precise control over both throttle and steering.

  • Remote Control: Yes

Enjoy the convenience of a remote control system, providing you with the ability to navigate and control your vehicle with ease.

  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber

Constructed from a durable blend of metal, plastic, and rubber materials, our model ensures resilience against the rigors of off-road racing.

  • Brand Name: VRX RACING

Our model is brought to you by VRX RACING, a reputable brand synonymous with quality and performance in the world of remote control cars.

  • Recommend Age: 14+y

Designed for enthusiasts aged 14 and above, our model combines sophistication and safety, providing an exhilarating experience for hobbyists and seasoned racers alike.

  • Origin: Mainland China

Crafted with precision in Mainland China, our model reflects the quality and craftsmanship associated with this renowned manufacturing hub.

  • Type: Car

Categorized as a high-performance car, our model is tailored for those who seek the thrill of competitive racing.

  • Features: Remote Control

Embrace the freedom of remote control with a feature that adds convenience and excitement to your racing adventures.

  1. Single Speed System: Streamlined for simplicity and efficiency, our single-speed system ensures a hassle-free and smooth performance.

  2. Unique Gearbox Design for Low CG: Boasting a distinctive gearbox design, our model achieves a low center of gravity (CG), enhancing stability and maneuverability.

  3. Light & High Impact Arms: Crafted with a perfect balance of lightweight construction and high-impact durability, the arms of our model deliver optimal performance on the track.

  4. Big Bored Shocks: Equipped with large-bore shocks, our model provides superior shock absorption, contributing to a smoother and more controlled ride.

  5. Adjustable Wheelbase on Hubcarrier: Tailor your driving experience with the adjustable wheelbase feature on the hub carrier, allowing for versatility on various terrains.

  6. Unique Steering System with Front Universal Joint Shafts: Our model features an innovative steering system with front universal joint shafts, ensuring precise control and responsiveness.

  7. High Impact Front/Rear Shock Towers: Reinforced with high-impact shock towers at the front and rear, our model is built to withstand rigorous off-road conditions.

  8. High-Quality Alum Parts: Incorporating high-quality aluminum parts, our model not only delivers top-notch performance but also ensures durability for long-lasting enjoyment.

  9. Waterproof RX/Battery Case: Safeguarding your electronics, the waterproof receiver/battery case provides protection against moisture, allowing you to navigate wet conditions with confidence.

  10. Large Capacity Fuel Tank: Featuring a sizable fuel tank, our model allows for extended run times, reducing the frequency of pit stops during your racing adventures.

  11. Nice Structure for Easy Service & Upgrade: Engineered for user-friendly service and upgrades, our model's thoughtful design facilitates easy maintenance and customization.

  12. Adjustable Grub Screws in Susp. Arms for Different Racing Fields: Fine-tune your suspension system with adjustable grub screws in the suspension arms, catering to various racing environments and preferences.

  13. Powerful .18 Nitro Engine with Slide Carburetor: Propelling our model is a potent .18 nitro engine with a slide carburetor, delivering robust power and performance on the track.

  14. Front & Rear Sway Bar System for Option: Customize your driving experience with the optional front and rear sway bar system, allowing you to optimize handling and stability according to your preferences.

Package Includes:

1 x RC Truck
1 x Remote Controller
1x Manual
1x Tool Kit


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