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RC Plane Remote Control Airplane EPP Made Of Foam
RC Plane Remote Control Airplane EPP Made Of Foam
RC Plane Remote Control Airplane EPP Made Of Foam
RC Plane Remote Control Airplane EPP Made Of Foam

RC Plane Remote Control Airplane EPP Made Of Foam

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This cutting-edge aircraft offers an incredible range of capabilities, allowing it to effortlessly navigate through sea, land, and air. With its unique design and advanced features, it provides an exceptional flying experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

The F22-NF22 Hybrid Aircraft boasts two distinct flight modes for ultimate flexibility. The hand throw mode enables users to launch the aircraft into the air with a simple flick of the wrist. On the other hand, the land take-off mode allows for smooth and controlled take-offs from the ground. Whether you prefer launching it into the sky or taking off from a solid surface, this aircraft caters to your flying preferences.

Material: EPP, Light weight and high flexibility;

Aircraft battery: 250mah lithium battery(F22 and N F22);300mah lithium battery

Flight/Charging time: Upgraded version, can be fully charged in 50 mins, the flight time is increased to 15mins;(pls don't charged the battery for 2 hours)

Remote controller battery: 3*AA battery (not included)

Product size: 38*28.6*9.6 CM

  • 【F22 Remote Control Airplanes】Easy to operate, just press the switch and pull the joystick, you can easily control the aerobatics function of the aircraft. RC airplane has three flight modes, suitable for air flight, land takeoff and water gliding.
  • 【Unbreakable Plane】Remote control plane is made of upgraded EPP foam anti-collision material, its light weight and foam construction will allow it to survive a crash. RC plane is perfect for kids, adults and beginners.
  • 【LED Light】Smooth appearance design has more visual impact. Equipped with LED lights, remote control jet can be clearly positioned when driving and flying at night. RC plane jet has a maximum control range of 400 feet.
  • 【Amazing Flight】There are two ways to take off a rc jet, hand toss or ground take off. You can glide without power, creating more aerobatic performances for you. Comes with 2* high-density lithium batteries, providing long flying time.
  • 【Automatic Balance Gyro】Remote control airplane has built-in gyroscope automatic flight stabilization system. When the rc airplane is about to lose control, release the throttle, and the aircraft will start the balance function and automatically return to the balanced flight state.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned F22 fighter jet, this hybrid aircraft features a scaled-down version of its design. This reduction, combined with the incorporation of a smart gyroscope, ensures a stable flight experience. Even in challenging conditions, the aircraft remains steady and easy to control, providing an enjoyable and hassle-free flying adventure.

To maximize power and efficiency, the F22-NF22 Hybrid Aircraft is equipped with two high-performance coreless motors that drive the propellers. This setup not only enhances the aircraft's speed but also ensures optimal performance and increased maneuverability. Whether you're performing daring aerobatic stunts or gliding gracefully through the air, this aircraft delivers a powerful and thrilling flight experience.

The F22-NF22 Hybrid Aircraft is designed to cater to young aviation enthusiasts aged 8 and above. It serves as an excellent tool for training hand-eye coordination, fostering interest in aviation, and promoting parent-child interaction. With its lightweight and highly flexible EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) construction, the aircraft is durable enough to withstand minor crashes and bumps, making it perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Package Includes:

1 * Remote control aircraft

1 * Remote control

2 * Pair of propellers

1 * USB charger

1 * English manual

1* 2 colorful led light bar

1/2/3pcs plane battery for optional


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